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Appaloosa Colour Chart

   LPLP – HOMOZYGOUS 100% lplp – No Characteristics. LPlp – HETEROZYGOUS 50/50%

100% Pattern



100% Colour with LP and Patterns.

No Roans here.

Homozygous for both

lplp & PATN/PATN

Solid N/C Colour

carries patterns, but no LP to light them up. No

Roans when put to LPLP.

When bred to LPLP, you’ll get the loudest clearest colour 


50% Chance of colour (LP & PATN) & 100% PATN, but 50% chance of not being able to see the pattern with no LP to light it up.

No Roans here.

Heterozygous for LP.

Homozygous for PATN

patn/patn (No Pattern Genes) LPLP & patn/patn

100% Roans

Homozygous – No Patterns

lplp & patn/patn

Always Solid

No Characteristics and no patterns

LPlp & patn/patn

100% Roans or solids only.

50% chance of LP. (Heterozygous for LP)


50% pattern.


LPLP & PATN/patn

All patterns

Homozygous for LP (100%), but

Heterozygous (50%) for pattern

lplp & PATN/patn

Always Solid, but

50/50% pattern but

invisible to the eye without Lp to light it up.

LPlp & PATN/patn50/50% chance of all colour including Roan and characteristic solids.

Breeding Information

LP and Pattern genes are inherited separately by the foal. At our Stud you will see what appear to be solid Appaloosa horses, however every horse has one copy of LP, but not every horse has Pattern genes. Appaloosa horses vary greatly in colour and patterns, however they are never-the-less Appaloosa.
In New Zealand we have a grading system that recognises the degree of Appaloosa blood in our horses. NZ Foundation or “F Grade” horses are any registered/licenced Appaloosa over any registered/approved TB, QH, or Arabian horse. This means no grey horses, no paint horses, no draft or pony horses and no horses carrying two copies of cream, eg. cremello.

D Grade means one or more non-Appaloosa horses in the “Grandparent” column of the pedigree.
C Grade means one or more non-Appaloosa horses in the Gt Grandparent” column of the pedigree.
B Grade means one or more non-Appaloosa horses in the Gt Gt Grandparent” column of the pedigree.
A Grade means one or more non-Appaloosa horses in the Gt Gt Gt Grandparent” column of the pedigree.
AA Grade means one or more non-Appaloosa horses in the Gt Gt Gt Gt Grandparent” column of the pedigree.

With this system the percentage of Appaloosa “By Blood” increases with the grades.
In NZ we also recognise solid born Appaloosas as part of the breed and they get regular papers. This is because the breed is “by blood” and not by colour. We accept that all Appaloosas are born differently, when it comes to LP and Pattern inheritance.
These solid appaloosas with or without Lp and pattern are valuable breeding animals to use with homozygous appaloosas (fewspots or snowcaps). They generally give good clear colour. They are also suitable quiet riding horses for people who don’t like “all that colour.”
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.



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