Nightingales Charismatic



Liver chesnut with lace blanket – filly foal

Growing up quickly now.



The lovely Charismatic – sold to Marlene de Beer – so exciting as Marlene really has fallen in love with this young filly. Charismatic looks so much Like Gobi Dawn, even down to the whorl in the blaze. Difference is that Charismatic has half moon blue eyes – very attractive to look at.

By Nightingales San Domingo out of Nightingales Peppadew

A truly gorgeous filly – with substance, liver chesnut, lace blanket, superb nature.   Already big for her age and growing daily.                   She has Charisma!!


Charismatic’s eye and close up of hair change – sensible and thoughtful


Nightingales Charismatic – will turn dark liver chesnut. Big filly.

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